The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

The best keyboard shortcut cheat sheet for Windows, Chrome, and YouTube.

The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

I'll admit - I'm on a keyboard shortcut kick. Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that do certain actions when we use our computers. Most of us don't realize how many repetitive actions we perform that can be done without even moving our mouse. I've put together a list/cheat sheet of the most useful shortcuts that I've been putting into practice. Some are obvious, but others may surprise you!

Included: Windows, Google Chrome, and YouTube shortcuts. Most of the Windows shortcuts will also work in your browser and other apps.

Not included: Mac-specific shortcuts, but many of the Windows shortcuts will also work on a Mac - just make sure you use your COMMAND key instead of CTRL.


  • Emojis/SymbolsWINDOWS KEY + PERIOD
  • Screenshot Portion of ScreenWINDOWS KEY + SHIFT + S
  • Open File ExplorerWINDOWS KEY + E
  • App Switcher ALT + TAB
  • Bold/Italic/UnderlineCTRL + (B, I, U)
  • Open App on Taskbar WINDOWS KEY + NUMBER KEY (1-9)
  • Quit App/Close Window ALT + F4
  • Move to Next Item/SelectionTAB
  • Move to Previous Item/Selection SHIFT + TAB
  • Scroll Through WordsCTRL + ARROW KEYS
  • Highlight WordsCTRL + SHIFT + ARROW KEYS
  • Delete Whole WordCTRL + BACKSPACE
  • Select All CTRL + A
  • Create New FolderCTRL + SHIFT + N
  • Rename File/FolderF2
  • Copy CTRL + C
  • Cut CTRL + X
  • PasteCTRL + V
  • UndoCTRL + Z
  • Redo CTRL + Y
  • Save Document CTRL + S
  • Lock SessionWINDOWS KEY + L

Google Chrome (or Brave/Edge)

  • New TabCTRL + T
  • New WindowCTRL + N
  • Close Tab CTRL + W
  • Choose TabCTRL + (1-9)
  • Switch Tab CTRL + TAB
  • Search/Find on Page CTRL + F
  • Open Most Recent Closed TabCTRL + SHIFT + T
  • Go to Search BarCTRL + K
  • Open in New TabSHIFT + CLICK
  • Open Link in Background TabCTRL + CLICK
  • Reload Page F5
  • Full Screen F11
  • Search/Find on PageF3


  • 10% Video IncrementsNUMBER KEYS (1-9)
  • Increase/Decrease Volume UP/DOWN ARROW KEYS
  • Subtitles/CaptionsC
  • Go to Search Bar /
  • Full ScreenF
  • MuteM
  • Pause/Play SPACE BAR
  • Rewind/Skip 5 sec. LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS
  • Frame by Frame> or <

I recommend you put some of these into practice for yourself. You may be surprised how much time they can save you, and how easily they will start to stick in your workflow.